Welcome to Faith United Church of Christ!


Pictured above:  Rev. Brian and Rev Judy Bagley- Bonner, Pastors

We are so glad you stopped in to our webpage.   When we came here in 2013, we discovered a warm and caring church filled with welcoming people.    They truly live out the Mission Statement:

Our mission is to affirm all people as we grow together in the light and love of Christ.

 Through worship, study and fellowship we seek to grow in faith and love.  We truly strive to affirm all with a strong commitment to being an Open  and Affirming .  We cherish our diversity.  We are Gay, Straight and Trans-Gender.  We are old and young (though more or us are older).  We have different ethnic, social and religious backgrounds, but we celebrate God’s  amazing grace and love for all!   We are always glad to welcome new people to worship on Sunday or any of our studies or other events.   Come join us on the journey.  We don’t offer easy answers, but we do offer authentic faith and the promise to walk with you as we seek to be God’s people in Bradenton.


Rev.  Brian and Jude